MyWell Anion Sanitary Pads ( 5 Pcs )

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My well Anion Sanitary pads

New Natural Cotton Non Irritation

Antibacterial anion strip O dour control & Breathable Individual Wrapped

  • Both Side Protection to prevent leaking.
  • 100% natural large surface of cotton.
  • For an instant dry and soft feel.
  • Anion strip neutralies odour .
  • Relieve Menstrual disconfort.
  • Sterilized air laid paper to guide.
  • Menstrual fluid to super absorbant .
  • Biodegradable polymer gel which absorb fluid effectively keeping the pad.
  • Dry with herbal sent.
  • Breathable bottom layer allows air.
  • Food grade nontoxic glue Allows best fit.

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